Mounted Units & Inserts

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TRITAN Mounted Bearings and Inserts. Mounted bearings, sometimes called bearing units or bearing blocks, have a bearing installed in a housing to ease installation and provide additional support for the bearing. They are face or surface mounted in applications where the shaft is perpendicular to the unit.




Mounted units are two part assemblies: The housing and the bearing insert. There are several housing options that are considered [stock" housings; these are very common in the power transmission industry.A solution to increase reliability and machine uptime INSOCOAT electrically insulated rolling bearings Prevention of electrical erosion in bearings Whenever an electric current passes through rolling bearings, there is a potential threat to the relia-bility of your machines.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
AMI UEWTPL208W Mounted Units & Inserts ZMaRC 0.8281 in 3440 lbf 5.2500 in
AMI UCX10-32 Mounted Units & Inserts 20.904 mm 87.782 mm 12 S 24x4.1/8
AMI BTM206-20TCMZ2 Mounted Units & Inserts Shield & Seal 6300 rpm 22.00 mm 125.0000 mm
AMI BTM207-23TCMZ2 Mounted Units & Inserts 704 mm 1260 kg 9 mm 16.7 mm
AMI BTM207-22TCMZ2 Mounted Units & Inserts 21 kg 2.1 mm 449 mm 392 mm
AMI UEWTPL207W Mounted Units & Inserts 8 50.8 kg 3/8 NPT 20.2 kN
AMI UCX10-31 Mounted Units & Inserts HME 30/900 G 1/8 13 mm 328 kg
AMI BTM207-20TCMZ2 Mounted Units & Inserts 29 mm 8 mm 0.08 kg 7 mm
AMI BTM206-19TCMZ2 Mounted Units & Inserts 173 kN 1220 N·m SSAFS 536 196 kN
AMI BTM201-8NPMZ2 Mounted Units & Inserts 189.789 mm 31.75 mm W 038 HMVC 38E
AMI BTM207NP Mounted Units & Inserts 3 mm 2.5 mm 36 mm 185 kN
AMI UCST205-16TC Mounted Units & Inserts 1.00 mm 20800 N 6300 rpm 11600 N